Sunday, June 29, 2014

always a good idea

I'm tempted to say that I just can't believe that I didn't write about spring break trip to Paris, but really I can believe it. This spring has been crazy. Between applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs, finishing my ProTeach, finishing the school year, making it through the first trimester...the blog just took the back seat. So before we leave Europe, I feel I must write a little post about Paris.

We knew that this would be our "last trip in Europe," so the pressure was on. The choice was Spain or Paris. I really wanted to visit Spain, but Sam has always had a dream of spending one whole week in Paris, just wandering the streets. In the end, Paris was it. We booked our tickets in February and settled on a cute little place in Montmartre. The only catch was that it was on the 6th floor (read: 7 flights of stairs.) But that was okay, we're young, we're spry, why not?

Well obviously that was before I found out I was pregnant. It turns out that walking up 7 flights of stairs after touring Paris all day by foot while in your first trimester is a very. bad. idea. The Paris trip that I had pictured in my mind was not really the Paris trip that came to be. During this time, I was very nauseous, very tired, and my superhero power was the power of smell. Every smell in Paris was completely magnified. Yes, the boulangeries and patisseries smelled wonderful, but there was also the smell of urine, the subway, and various other unidentifiable yet gag-worthy smells. Also while pregnant, there are a variety of foods and drinks that are off limits. All that delicious French cheese? Only if it's not soft and for sure pasteurized. You'd like to go to coffee for a second time in the day? I'll have to have a decaf (which is pretty much pointless when you're spending $5 on a macchiato). 

So it wasn't exactly the trip I had imagined, but Paris is still Paris. We strolled along the Seine, went to the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay, and the Musee de l'Orangerie. We tried a new baguette every day and scrutinized the differences between each. We walked and walked and then walked some more and enjoyed living the Parisian lifestyle for a week.

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs
 Our view for the week
 Montmartre-near where we stayed

 Tuileries Garden

 Prego lady

 Sacre Couer

 Notre Dame

 View from the Louvre

 Musee D'Orsay

I thought Paris would be a good place to make the big announcement. :)
11 weeks

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